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Hello, my name is Robert E. McCarthy.   As the elected Register of Plymouth County Probate and Family Court, I wish to welcome you to our website.   

The technology of the 21st Century has provided us with a great opportunity to inform the public about the operations of our court.  The internet is one device that can be utilized to provide informational services to attorneys, pro-se litigants and the general public who use this Court.

In this website we are attempting to provide useful information about the Court, its structure, staff and general procedures.  We are also providing our Court scheduling calendars, trial lists and certain forms to assist you.  We hope you will join us as we endeavor to keep all interested persons better informed about the operations of this Court.  

The Plymouth Probate and Family Court has implemented the first phase of the Massachusetts Trial Court computer program on July 2, 2001.  The Trial Court has plans to greatly expand this capability in the next few years.  We are excited about the opportunity to modernize our operations and to better assist you through technological advances.

Please feel free to give us your  ideas to help us better serve  you.   You can e-mail us with suggestions to serve you in a more efficient manner or take a moment to send us some feedback about our operations, including this website.