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Registry of Probate

The Registry of Probate is the point of origin for all cases entered into the court, and is responsible for the flow of the cases through the Probate and Family Court.  The Registry provides all filing, docketing, and certified copy services.  Registry personnel are available to assist users of the court with the processes to be completed to get the case resolved.  The Register is the official keeper of the records who is statutorily obligated to control the work flow of cases and the physical maintenance of the case files.


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Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The Plymouth County Probate Court provides the public with options for resolving conflicts outside of the courtroom, known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Consideration of A.D.R. is encouraged by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in Rule 1:18.  The Plymouth County Probate and Family Court, in conjunction with the Plymouth County Bar Association, provides free conciliation services in which local attorneys specializing in family law meet with parties and their attorneys to try to resolve all or part of a case.  Conciliation is arranged by court order.  The local dispute resolution coordinator at the court can furnish information about other court-approved ADR providers who can be contacted directly by the parties.


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Child Care Services 

The Brockton Trial Court offers on site child care services for litigants and witnesses who have business with the Probate and Family Court or other Courts in the building.  Child care providers are fully licensed.

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Department of Revenue 

The Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division has offices at the courthouses in Brockton and Plymouth.  Under federal legislation the Department of Revenue is the collection agency for all child support payments that are made by wage assignment.  All child support payments will be made to the department. 

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Interpreter Services 

The Probate and Family Court is provided with foreign language interpreters by the Office of Interpreter Services on an as-needed basis.  Individuals must request services in writing from the Register's office well in advance of a  scheduled matter  The Office of Court Interpreter Services will provide interpreters for all hearings scheduled before the Court.

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Judge's Lobby

Honorable Catherine P. Sabaitis - First Justice  

Honorable James V. Menno - Associate Justice 

Honorable Edward G. Boyle - Associate Justice 

Honorable Lisa A. Roberts - Associate Justice

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The Security Department

Court officers and Security Guards ensure the safety and security of all persons who conduct business in the Probate and Family Court.  Assisted by metal detectors, x-ray scanners, closed circuit television and radio communication, the Security Department screens and directs those persons who enter the courthouse.  Court Officers ensure decorum and safe conduct in the courtrooms and throughout the courthouse.

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      The Plymouth County Probate Court serves the City of Brockton and the 26 towns within Plymouth County.  The following is a list of the city and towns within the jurisdiction of the Court. 

Abington Hingham Pembroke
Bridgewater Hull Plymouth
Brockton Kingston Plympton
Carver Lakeville Rochester
Duxbury Marion Rockland
East Bridgewater Marshfield Scituate
Halifax Mattapoisett Wareham
Hanover Middleboro West Bridgewater
Hanson Norwell Whitman

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